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WLVC Student Scholarship Now Available

Applications for our 2019 scholarship are now available. To apply, please follow these instructions:

PART ONE: Download your application by clicking this link. Please complete the application. 

Please submit a copy of your most current law school transcript. The transcript does not need to be certified or sealed. Please redact your social security number from the copy of your transcript. If you will be entering your first year of law school, please provide your undergraduate transcript and written proof of enrollment from your law school.

Please submit a biographical essay which answers all the following questions.
A. What is your connection to Ventura County? Please be specific (e.g., whether you grew up in the County; currently reside there; attend(ed) law school there; work there; intend to settle there, etc.) and authentic. Generalized statements such as “I want to live in Ventura County one day” are strongly discouraged.
B. Why did you decide to attend law school? What are your career goals, and how do they relate to public interest and/or the advancement of the interests of women/girls?
C. How do your prior employment, volunteer work, education, and/or extracurricular activities demonstrate your commitment to public interest work and/or advancing the interests of women/girls? How have these experiences contributed to your current career path?
D. What factors concerning your financial situation would you like the WLVC Scholarship Committee to consider? How might the Mary Sullivan Scholarship help you to achieve your goals?
Your essay must be typed in 12-point font or neatly printed. Essays will be reviewed for thoroughness, clarity, substance, and syntax. Please proofread your essay. You are encouraged to be creative and engaging – the narrative is your opportunity to let the WLVC Scholarship Committee know who you are.

1. Compile a complete scholarship application: an application cover sheet (with Part One - Personal Information), your most current law school transcript (or undergraduate transcript with proof of law school enrollment for incoming 1Ls), and your narrative statement. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You may, but are not required to, submit up to three (3) letters of recommendation.
2. Email your complete application as a single PDF file attachment to the WLVC Scholarship Chair, Jacquelyn Ruffin, at The subject line of your email should read “WLVC 2019-2020 Scholarship Application - [your name].”
3. The deadline to submit your scholarship application is JULY 31, 2019. Late applications will not be considered. The WLVC Scholarship Committee will notify applicants of its decision by August 19, 2019. Honorees will be recognized at WLVC’s annual dinner on September 19, 2019.

The minimum scholarship award is $500. Awards of up to $3000 have been granted. Some years, multiple awards have been granted.

For more information about the Mary Sullivan Scholarship, contact the WLVC Scholarship Chair, Jacquelyn Ruffin, at
For more information about WLVC, please visit WLVC’s website at
Thank you for your interest in WLVC. Good luck with the scholarship application!

Lauren Rad